Grand Gables Inn,




Amenities, Grand Gables Inn
Amenities, Grand Gables Inn
Amenities, Grand Gables Inn

Amenities are a matter of personal preferences. Whether you choose to enjoy the amenities of the surrounding area or of the Inn itself, there are plenty of choices. See the list below or call and ask. Amenities in Grand Gables Inn include TV, wifi, snacks, antiques, artwork, custom-made breakfast and your choice of ‘special packages’. The surrounding area is abundant with amenities that might spark your interest. See the partial list below.

  • Drink your morning coffee or sip on your glass of wine as you relax on the grand veranda that sweeps around the north and eastern sides of the inn.
  • Walk (10 minutes) to the historic downtown shops or stroll along the river trail near the marina.
  • Prefer biking, hiking and/or kayaking? The St Johns River, Bartram Trail and Ravine Gardens State Park are at your fingertips.
  • Or the best amenity of all is to absorb the splendor of the Inn and simply luxuriate in your room. Special packages are available upon request! Inquire at check in or call ahead to make a plan.

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Amenities, Grand Gables Inn

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